Prof. Dimitrakiev
Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev
Founder of Dentacoin Foundation

Highly respected University lecturer. More than 27 years experience in financial markets. Devoted to Science and Engineering. PhD in Automated Systems for Information Processing and Management. Member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence society, EADM and Union of Automation and Informatics.

Profile at the Naval Academy • Profile at Varna University of Management •​​​​​​​ Scientific works at ResearcherIDelibrary.euScopus

Jeremias Grenzebach
Co-Founder & Core Developer
Early entrant into the Blockchain scene. Immersed within the peer-to-peer technology for 8 years. Contributor to Ethereum, Waves, ZCash, uPort, Status, imToken, Byteball. Strong believer in decentralization and transparency.
Philipp Grenzebach
Co-Founder & Business Developer
Studies in Law, Economics and Business Management. Adopted the triple bottom line to Dentacoin while integrating technical sustainability. Fighter for free, decentralised markets.


Carson Calderwood
Thoroughly experienced in the dental field for 20 years. Started as a dental assistant and continued throughout college when he graduated and began practicing dentistry as a dentist. Currently other dentists work alongside with him. A faculty club member at the renowned Frank Spear Institute for advanced dental treatment. Author of the book “Insider’s Guide to Saving Money at the Dentist: A Dentist’s Advice on How to Effectively Create and Keep an Amazing Smile”
Reed Sutton
The Canadian Connection. Reed is a researcher and clinical assistant at the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (Edmonton, Canada). Fascinated by healthcare and information technology, he is pursuing an MSc in Health Informatics. Reed has become increasingly involved and invested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Recent experience includes analyzing, reviewing, and recommending Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for He is also validating a new ICO scoring system for ability to predict investment success.
Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Raychev, PhD
The Science Mind. PhD in “Computer systems, complexes and networks”. Dean of Varna University of Management. Founder and director of VUM School of Computer Science. An internationally recognized authority in software process improvement and software engineering technologies. Worked as a software engineer, a manager, a software architect, a CIO, a CTO, a professor, an author, and a software engineering consultant for two decades. Experienced in the development of systems for advanced engineering and cloud-based applications. Held positions with responsibility for scientific and systems programming. Member in: Rotary, Mensa, IEEE, ACM. He is the fifth most influential scientist in the world, with the largest contribution in his field, as per the ranking of Google Scholar.
Simon doser
Simon Doser
Crypto enthusiast with a varied background in the IT Industry. Education in Business, Media and Engineering. With his diverse skills and interests, Simon contributes to the global expansion of the Dentacoin Partner Network.
Julia Radeva
Business Pioneer with 11-year experience in Dental Business Development Management. The driving force behind several successful dental clinic concepts, including F3T Dental Clinic - London. Overseeing the applications of dental innovations and constantly exploring the opportunities for growth in Dental Industry.
Veselin Matov
Dental Practice Manager at F3T Dental Clinic, London. Experienced in CRM, Dental Software Implementation, Purchasing Management. Background education in Computer Systems and Technology. Focused on identifying technological trends and implementing them as competitive advantages. Constantly exploring state-of-the-art innovations for the benefit of patients.
F. Mark Kosierowski
US-based writer with a degree in Economics and over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial industry. Former Certified Financial Planner who has advised clients on captive insurance companies, risk transfer and risk distribution strategies.
Dr. Elena Tuma
Chief dentist at a London-based dental practice. Certified by the International Training Center for Dental Implantology (IFZI). Strongly believes in the power of patient feedback to change the industry for the better. Currently developing Blockchain infrastructure to collect and store trustworthy feedback as a basis for implementing a patient-driven strategy.
Tsvetomir Ivanov
Tsvetomir Ivanov
Digital Dentistry, CAD/CAM and 3D-printing expert. Highly focused on finding ways to achieve significant efficiency, cost reduction and revenue gains through digitalization and automation. Permanently researching, evaluating and implementing high-tech dental innovations.
Hristo Gradechliev
Hristo Gradechliev
Advising the finance and accounting divisions. MBA in Law. Experienced in payment ecosystems, building analytic tools, processes and teams to manage the revenue, costs and risks inherent in the payment space. With a strong flair for successful investments.
Ivelina ivanova dcn
Ivelina Ivanova
Marketing Advisor
Plamena velikova dcn
Plamena Velikova
Patient Relations Advisor
Arkadi linev dcn
Arkadi Linev
Patient Relations Advisor